Did my child really draw that?


This is the #1 question many parents incredulously ask when they see what their child is producing in our classes. 

Each child is encouraged to use his/her creative license to interpret each line on his/her own paper.

Our art students do not "copy" what we draw. They find inspiration in the art lesson we present. 

The results are as varied as the children are themselves, and the colors they choose during the finishing process reflect their individuality even more.

Arts Afterschool students positively glow with pride and self-esteem when they see what they are capable of.

What kinds of things will my child learn to draw?

 We teach our students how to draw things that children universally love, such as; animals, landmarks, people, mythical creatures, storybook characters and much more. 

What art materials will my child learn to use?

Each week we provide different art materials for the children to use to finish their artwork, such as; oil pastels, chalk pastels, watercolor paint, markers, colored pencils, etc. 

We offer guidance and suggestions for the finishing process, when needed. Most often, we marvel at how freely creative and unique each child's interpretation is. 

Does my child need previous experience or special talent to participate?

Drawing is a teachable skill.

Like learning to ride a bike or play a musical instrument...learning to draw is a "quality of life" skill set that brings joy, provides a positive outlet, and enhances lives.

No previous experience or special talent is necessary for each child to unleash his/her inner artist! 

New students can be sure they will love learning to draw from the very first lesson, and returning students can look forward to new art lessons week after week.  

More questions? No problem! Contact Kim Murdock at afterschoolartandmore@gmail.com or call 919-401-6001.