Creative Opportunities For Tweens

Aging out is no longer a problem!

For Grades 6 and Up!



Turns out that tweens love to paint as much as you do! Our step-by-step painting classes are perfect for older kids interested in learning how to apply acrylic paint to canvas in a structured setting. We provide just the right balance of guidance and freedom so that each painter is supported in his/her interpretation.

And, we have an excellent assortment of age appropriate painting lessons to choose from.

$35 per child, per 2 hour class

Min: 4/ Max: 8

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Drawing/ Mixed Media

Our mantra “No Mistakes In Art” is the backbone of our teaching style for all kids, ages 5-85. We teach our students to be creative problem solvers and we place a great deal of emphasis on the power of a good attitude.

For tweens in our drawing/mixed media classes, we investigate drawing with pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, conte crayon, watercolor paint, etc.

Art lessons will include still life drawing, figure drawing, people, animals, landmarks, etc.

$35 per child, per 2 hour class

Min: 4/ Max: 8



Does you tween have leadership skills that you would like to refine?

We offer (one-day-at-a-time) teacher work day camps from September to May each year as well as )week long, full and half day) summer camps in June, July and August.

Positive behavioral role-modeling and proactive helping out is vital to a successful camp. (We love our mentors!)

Each camp has one seat for a tween mentor, ages 12-14.

Mentors receive 25% off the regular camp fee. They are part camper, part helper.

Where do tween classes take place? … Your house!

Tweens are a tricky bunch to provide regular classes for b/c they are extremely busy but not yet able to drive. In addition to raging hormones and intense social pressures they are subject to the compounding challenges of busy parents, lots of homework and an endless line up of demanding extra-curricular activities.

In spite of being super busy…or perhaps because of it…like us, tweens are in dire need of a relaxing creative outlet. Something that doesn’t require racing around. Something more akin to meditation and mindfulness. More than us, they need to do something constructive in a safe place, while enjoying some laughs with their friends.

Our program offers them an outlet from their always on, always connected world of’ digital everything. It offers you the chance to relax at home while they benefit from screen free time.

Art lessons are 2 hours in length and are scheduled when it works for you, weeknight or weekend.