There are four 8-week sessions of Arts Afterschool from September to May. Participants may register for one or more sessions at a time. Partial/Pro-rated sessions may be available, after a session has already begun, pending availability, at the sole discretion of Kim Murdock. 


Payment in full is due at the time of registration for the 1st session your child joins.

You may reserve your child's seat in additional sessions with a $25 non-refundable deposit per child, per session.

The balance will be due before the start date of each reserved session.


Deposits may be combined and/or are transferable to other sessions.

Deposits may be used by a different child in the same after school art class.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Deposits for after school art apply to after school art classes only.

Unused deposits expire annually on May 30.

Late Joiners/ Pro-Rated Sessions

New students may join us in an Arts Afterschool class, mid-session, at any time, pending availability. 

Fees will be pro-rated.

Coco Bean Coffee Shop/ Drop-In Participants

Only at this location , students may drop-in for one class at a time, with no further commitment required, for $20 per class, per child. 

No Shows

Failure to attend a class without notice will result in the loss of fees paid. Exceptions for verified medical emergencies are at the sole discretion of Kim Murdock.

Credit for Missed Classes

A credit is guaranteed only for classes missed due to a verified medical emergency. No exceptions.

Credit requests must be in submitted in writing and are granted at the sole discretion of Kim Murdock. 

Credits will expire annually on May 31 if not used. Credits do not apply to the next school year.

No credit will be issued for classes missed due to inappropriate behavior.

Cancellation of a Class Due to Insufficient Enrollment

Arts Afterschool will provide at least 5 business days notice of class cancellation in the event of insufficient enrollment and issue a full refund unless a credit is preferred. (Credits do not include online payment security and convenience fees.)

Cancellation of a Class Due School Closings/ Unforeseen Circumstances Beyond Our Control (updated 1/1/19)

In the event of school closings due to inclement weather, anticipated or actual hazardous conditions, or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, Arts Afterschool classes unfortunately must be cancelled. 

No refunds will be granted for cancellations due to school closings.

Every effort will be made to provide opportunities for missed classes to be made up before the end of the school year, annually.

An exact number of make up classes for the number of school closings cannot be guaranteed.

Offered make up classes will be communicated by email to each family.

It is up to each family to see that their child participates in the offered make up class.

Make up classes not attended are forfeited and do not apply to the next school year.

Let's all hope for good weather, safe driving conditions and open schools. 


Withdrawal BEFORE OR AFTER Classes Begin

Requests for withdrawal for any reason at any time must be submitted in writing directly to Kim Murdock. 

A credit may be issued for a future Arts Afterschool class at the sole discretion of Kim Murdock.

  • Credits expire annually on May 31.

  • Credits may not be applied to the next school year.

If a credit is not desired, a partial refund of 50% of unused class fees paid may be issued at the sole discretion of Kim Murdock.

A full refund is only guaranteed when an Arts Afterschool student withdraws due to a verified medical emergency. No exceptions.

No credit or refund will be issued for dismissal due to inappropriate behavior. 

 Afterschool Art and More reserves the right to makes changes to any policy at any time.