Testimonials - AFTERSCHOOL ART 

"Soomin is kindergartener and she is taking your art class every Tuesday at Mary Scroggs. Soomin loves your art class. I appreciate all your efforts for my daughter and all of your students. Thank you so much."                                                                       

“A million thanks, Kim.  Seiji reported to me that his happiest news for today was YOUR art class!"                                                                      

“I wanted to express my great thanks for all you did with the kids during the art classes at Morris Grove. Josh came home every week with pride at the beautiful artwork he was able to bring home and very much looked forward to the next class. Thanks for making it fun, practical and a great learning experience for the kids!"

“First, I want to compliment you…the kids LOVE your class & count the days till the next class. They are really excited about it & I am REALLY impressed with what you have them doing in class.”                                

“Kim, thank you for the wonderful art instruction. June loves your class, and you’ll see her this summer, too…and yes, we would like to reserve a spot for her in the fall."

“You should know that Brooke loves your class – she has learned a great deal and doesn’t even mind getting up on Wednesdays because she can’t wait for ART!”