Important to Know About Getting To And From Arts Afterschool At WOM

Please give your child's teacher and/or YMCA Afterschool Director a note with your permission for your child to participate in Arts Afterschool on the dates listed in the "rosters & reminders" email we sent you. You can also find the session dates on the Arts Afterschool page of our website. 

I am present at 3:30 in the green classroom to greet students as they arrive. 

3:30-3:45 is a quiet time for students to eat their own snacks, read a book, do homework or enjoy free draw. 

The art lesson begins at 3:45 and ends at 4:45. It is also expected to be a relatively quiet, calm time. I will provide all art materials each week. 

At the end of class, 4:45, I will walk all Arts Afterschool students outside to wait for pick up outside at the picnic tables. In the event of bad weather, we'll wait inside the building hallway by the door for pick up. 

YMCA Afterschool students will join their YMCA Afterschool group. In the event of bad weather, YMCA Afterschool students will join their group inside the building. 

Please note: Non-YMCA Afterschool students may not play with YMCA Afterschool equipment or on the playground. They are expected to wait for pick up at the picnic tables. 

Please TEXT me is you need to make child care changes or if you will be early or late picking up. 919-259-4705